Angelos Gialamas

Angelos Gialamas, was born in 1951 in a small Messinian village outside of Kalamata, Greece. It was there that Angelos had his first connection with music as his uncle was a professional Greek bouzouki player.

However, it wasn’t until he was a medical student in Athens that he purchased his first guitar and began his studies on classical guitar at the National Conservatory of Athens. Years passed and Angelos became a successful obstetrics and gynecology doctor. Even though professionally he chose a different path, he has never stopped playing the guitar and trying to master guitar techniques.

His systematic involvement with flamenco guitar learning in the past 30 years and his need to master guitar techniques, has inspired Angelos in the creation of an innovative method, for easy-and quick- enhanced stringed instrument learning which drastically reduces the time required for finger independence, strengthening and stretching.

Angelos Gialamas

Firstly, let’s introduce myself.

My name is Angelos Gialamas and I am the author of the Guitar Tecnica, a comprehensive learning system of guitar techniques of the Flamenco and the Classical guitar. This system helps the guitar learner through specific techniques and in very short time than the usually required to achieve the desired outcome!  The learner has as his guide and assistant the book for quick learning written by me as well as the glove for quick practical learning which is a narthex for finger immobilization of my own invention for the purpose of drastic reduction of the time required for the independence of fingers as units. All these were created in my own attempt to learn correctly but quickly very difficult techniques in the flamenco guitar, however, without getting bored with monotonous routines, and making my practice more enjoyable and more interesting! In essence, here is all the knowledge I have gathered over the years (those who deal with know how much lack of material exists about the flamenco and how difficult it is for a learner to gather what scattered exists) and the manner to help you in achieving the desired outcome!

For me this journey to music began 30 years ago and I have not reached yet its final destination.

But, let’s start at the very beginning:

I was born in the village Kato Melpeia in Messinia, outside of Kalamata, where I completed my secondary education.  This is the place wher, in my early years, I had contact with the Folk/popular music and especially with the popular instrument “bouzouki” . This is a widespread instrument. I am blessed to have an uncle in my family, who was playing professionally bouzouki. His name – Georgios Gialamas. While I was seeing him to play virtuously, I felt something magical. My desire for music was perpetual.  However, then there was no possibility of playing music for me.

After graduating from high school I was admitted to the School of Medicine of Athens University and at the same time I have enrolled at the National Conservatory of Athens. Particularly, I have enrolled at the class of classical guitar of the excellent teacher Eleni Asproudi.

Later and after acquisition of my specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology, without losing my contact with the classical guitar, the passion for Flamenco guitar and its techniques was emerged inside me. This goes back at least 30 years.

An element that fascinated me is the fact that the guitar in flamenco has a double role. It does not only act (play) as an accompanying instrument, as it was during the period of café cantante, but it also has a soloistic character when it is performed by a great tocaor or guitarist (guitarrista).

This was the element of flamenco, which touched me more, as it became my life goal to become able to master all the flamenco techniques and to achieve a level of a genuine tocaor, who will hypnotize with the soloistic performance of musical pieces!